Baume & Mercier


The following terms and conditions of the Baume & Mercier International Guarantee apply to Baume & Mercier watches either sold or presented for guarantee-covered service in any country, excluding the United States and Canada where a Limited Warranty applies and Australia where a Guarantee for Australia applies. 
It covers: 
Your Baume & Mercier watch is guaranteed to be free from all manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months following the purchase date, according to the following terms and conditions.
Any part found by our technical department to be flawed as a result of a manufacturing defect will be, at the sole discretion of Baume & Mercier, repaired or replaced free of charge.
To claim this guarantee at any authorized Baume & Mercier retailer, you must present the Baume & Mercier Guarantee Certificate duly completed, dated, stamped and signed by an authorized Baume & Mercier retailer. Please keep this document in a safe place.
It excludes:
The Baume & Mercier International Guarantee does not cover:
– defects and damage caused by accidents, improper or abusive use (including knocks, dents, crushing, etc.);
– normal wear and tear of the components;
– misuse or lack of regular care of the watch; 
– defects resulting from magnetic fields or climatic conditions;
– infiltration of humidity into the case and oxidation (in the case of non-water-resistant watches);
– alterations, tampering, dismantling or services and repairs carried out by anyone else other than an authorized Baume & Mercier retailer or a Baume & Mercier After-Sales Service Center;
– use of batteries other than those designated by Baume & Mercier;
– any non-metallic straps or bracelets (leather, rubber synthetic polymer, etc.); 
– watches with the serial number or any other identification mark removed or altered; 
– theft or loss.
As a consumer, national legislation governing the sale of consumer goods may give you certain rights. Those rights are not affected by this guarantee.
Note: Water-resistance
If you have a water-resistant watch, this feature is only guaranteed if an authorized Baume & Mercier After-Sales Service Center or an authorized Baume & Mercier retailer has performed a water-resistance test each time the watchcase was opened, for any reason whatsoever.